Drone Data; Working with Engineers, not against them.

by Measure Australia

Measure Australia is at the forefront of engineered drone data solutions. Recently, while working on a solution with a partner about how we deliver to a mutual client, it became apparent that engineers think the proliferation of drone technology will take away their jobs – it will not. Using drones, Measure Australia captures aerial data and then we standardise various datasets to deliver an actionable engineered data on façades, wind towers, or any other asset class. Measure Australia’s services remove the menial work for the engineers, allowing them to do what they are skilled in based on their specific reports.

We provide the engineers with high specification and large-scale datasets. Interpreting Measure Australia’s data gives engineers a new tool and skill set which makes them more valuable to their clients and also their company – not less valuable as some fear. To clients, the techniques Measure Australia employs provides a lower cost solution to traditional methods. This unique method also adds additional value through more comprehensive data collection, better oversight, and reductions in peripheral costs such as insurance.

This data collected by Measure Australia is a permanent record at the given point in time; this reduces the subjectivity in interpreting the data as well as providing significant forward savings through the use of machine learning and other value-adding interpretive services. For example, if data is captured on a commercial building and everything is found to be in working order, the engineer can determine defects with a high degree of confidence. If a window was then to smash and cause an incident to a third party, the engineer is protected from adverse action as there is a record in time of that building when the engineer completed their report. This is but one example of how drone data helps engineers, not hinder them. Measure Australia’s drone data gives clients and service providers, such as engineers, peace of mind. This differs from traditional data because historically the collection method is not as comprehensive.

Ultimately, Measure Australia works with engineers in a partnership. We provide the best possible dataset, and the engineers interpret the data; the result to the client is a proud combination of engineered and reputable work.