Free services for emergency flood response

by Measure Australia

State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service, Queensland Fire & Emergency, NSW Fire & Rescue, Police Forces, and organisations assisting response and recovery from flooding are encouraged to use the free services

Measure Australia has offered free services to assist response and recovery following the 1-in-100-year event. This offer includes capture of aerial imagery and processing through our data platform, for problem identification and platform hosting. This is to help emergency services expedite recovery operations, and communities to recover more quickly. 

MA will help emergency services more quickly understand conditions on the ground and prepare for response. For example, MA can independently capture vast regions of land with high-resolution imagery. That can be processed in our data platform Asseti, to identify issues and enable emergency services to collaborate and expedite operations. For example, where roads have been damaged MA can capture the imagery and process it into a 3D model or digital twin, to enable accurate measurement of the damage so that emergency crews can take the necessary repair materials when they deploy on repairs. Additional aerial captures of the same area can be compared with a simple slider, for emergency services to evaluate changing conditions and plan operations. MA's drone pilot network will organise free or at-cost data capture, and MA will provide free processing and management through the Asseti platform. 

CEO Aonghus Stevens has been directly affected by the floods and issued this offer to give back to the organisations that have helped so many Australians. Aonghus gave a shout-out to his local crew at the Hawksbury SES, who were extremely active and visible since last Friday.

“SES, RFS, Fire & Emergency, Fire & Rescue and the Police Forces are awesome first responders; all Australians thank them and recognise their dedication during catastrophes. Especially given so many are volunteers!” said Aonghus. “We can genuinely make their jobs easier with MA and Asseti, it’s a fast-impact offer with nothing to lose. Please get in touch with us!”

Emergency services can contact us online or call 1300 200 014.

We're particularly offering these free services to: 

A-Council repairs - area and road issue