Using Drones for Cleaning of Hard to Access Areas

by Measure Australia


Please note

Measure Australia does not offer drone window cleaning. Please read our advisory.

If you have ever seen a window cleaning technician sitting on a scaffold or hanging by a rope cleaning the windows of a high-rise building, you know the inherent danger traditional window-cleaning methods have in them. With all of the high-tech gadgetry so prolific in our society today, there has to be someone, somewhere who has found a safer, easier way to clean tall structures. And there is; welcome to drone cleaners. While window washers highlight the inherent safety benefits of drone cleaning, they also demonstrate the time savings. The time savings this industry would receive form exploring this technology are enormous.

Where to Use Drones for Cleaning?

Drones can clean any kind of structure imaginable that would be difficult or dangerous for a person to clean. For example, the steeple of a church, a dome, the sides of tall towers, the sides of bridges, or any place where it would take some logistics to get someone close enough to clean it.

What can Drones Clean?

Cleaning drones are outfitted with a low or high-pressure nozzle that is tethered to a water source on the ground. Some cleaning drones use special chemicals and low pressure to avoid damaging the paint while they are cleaning. Drones can clean any type of building material such as brick, steel, wood, or glass. Drones can clean windows, roofs, and difficult to reach gutters. Drones can also clean solar panels, wind turbines, and solar farm mirrors. Any surface that a human can clean, a drone can clean as well.

Advantages Over Traditional Cleaning Methods

Drones are taking over our most tedious, dangerous cleaning jobs to make cleaning buildings, windows, and structures safer for everyone. Rather than have a 5-person screw, you only need one person piloting the drone. Drone cleaning is not only safer but usually faster because there isn’t a lengthy process to move from one area to another.


Important note

Measure Australia does not offer drone window cleaning. The drone technology companies exploring this innovation are working to commercialise effectively, so check in with our service offerings in the coming years! Until further notice, our best recommendation is to contact local window cleaning companies. MA can assist with remote exterior building inspections and recommends all facility managers and asset managers organise a cyclical inspection programme.