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LiDAR Pilots

LiDAR Pilots

LiDAR Pilot

Your role will involve you working with Measure Australia’s field delivery team to capture data and other client needs using Riegl Mini-VUX2 LiDAR or the Phoenix Aerial AL3-32E. Drone experience is necessary. Roles available country wide.

A successful applicant will be:

  • enthusiasticabout RPAS LiDAR survey (previous LiDAR experience would be ideal but not a requirement),
  • Willing to work remotely for extended periods (not exceeding “Flight and Duty Times”); and
  • eager to work in a collaborative way to fulfil challenging operating scenarios.

What will you be doing?

All our LiDAR work requires 2 crew, if you have a back-up crew member who you can comfortably and confidently work with and who meets the criteria, please put him/her forward as a candidate. All work shall be done under the Measure Australia Branding and the Operator shall identify themselves as “Measure Australia Flight Crew” when on-site and interacting with Measure Australia Clients.


What will an ideal candidate have?

An ideal candidate will have:

  • RePL - Under 25kg Multi-Rotor or willing to obtain.
  • For insurance purposes all LiDAR crew shall operate under the Measure Australia ReOC (the pilots own ReOC is not a requirement).
  • Remote Pilots as approved by Chief Remote Pilot subject nil incidents, accidents, or breaches in regulations (Proven).
  • All Controllers are subject to minimum 200 RPAS hours including 25 hours on M600. For the right candidate, Measure Australia is willing to help on gaining the 25 hours on the M600.
  • Willing to partake in on-line and/or in-person LiDAR Training

How to Apply

Please send your resume to 

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