Drone Asset, Building & Roof Inspections

Professional property and asset management demands regular inspections and reporting

Our detailed asset audits, including building and roof inspections, are based on advanced aerial surveys. MA uses our cutting-edge technology and nation-wide network of pilots to visualise, map, and inspect your most valuable assets. MA delivers reliable asset data to enable better and faster decision making. It’s impossible to repair what you can’t see. Our expert team provides a detailed dilapidation report to document the condition of your most inaccessible spaces rapidly and easily via our intelligent portal.

Regardless of your industry sector, reliable asset data is critical to enabling the right decisions. MA simplifies capture and effective utilisation of asset data. 

Aerial condition assessment

At Measure Australia, our detailed aerial inspections are ideal for asset condition auditing and reporting.

We inspect large areas quickly and provide you with accurate visual data to help you make the right decisions going forward.

Aerial condition assessment

Measure Australia has the largest network of data capture specialists including drone pilots across the country. MA's network of data capture experts deliver fast and effective roof and facade assessments across multiple image formats, when and where you require. 

MA pilots provide high-quality photography and video capture of domestic and commercial properties, for condition assessment as well as promotional purposes. 

Specialised sensor reports
Remote data capture & analysis
Aerial condition reporting for commercial and industrial facilities by Measure Australia
Thermal imaging by Measure Australia to inform power efficiency operations
Remote asset management and asset performance management

Accurate inspection of critical infrastructure

Measure Australia works across the industrial landscape, including oil and gas, resources, construction, agriculture, insurance and real estate. All of these sectors require asset management and asset performance optimisation, which MA expedites through remote data capture and quality processing. 

Accurate inspections

Accurate data is the cornerstone of asset management, especially in demanding industrial markets. From pipeline and powerline inspections through to easement inspections and large area mapping, we offer high-specification engineered data solutions for some of Australia’s most critical infrastructure.

Our demand for accuracy is only matched by our low tolerance for risk, both on-site and via our secure and intelligent portal.

Data capture in hazardous locations
Accurate drone data capture is vital
Drone data capture in hazardous locations

Comprehensive & intelligent reporting

Even with the wide-reaching scope of aerial surveys, the data we capture is only as useful as the way we transform and show it to you.

At Measure Australia, we can inspect your most valuable assets and provide you with key insights from above.

Intelligent reporting solutions

MA's drone inspection and reporting service is end-to-end. Along with access to the most cutting-edge drone technology on the market, we have built advanced software solutions and deploy experts who can interpret and report on data correctly.

We will map key infrastructure, identify defects, suggest solutions, and prioritise tasks based on known variables.

Professional dilapidation reports
Data transformation
Measure Australia's intelligent portal
Intuitive and easy to use reports from Measure Australia
Certified building condition reports for insurance with Measure Australia
Measure Australia's reports by experts powered by artificial intelligence
Measure Australia's intelligent data platform

Renewable infrastructure

Renewable energy infrastructure is growing at a rapid rate in Australia, with wind farms and solar farms taking more of the energy load each year.

The entire renewable sector is asset-intensive, with above-average levels of capital needed to secure equipment. Looking after this equipment is essential, with our inspection service being able to map key infrastructure, identify defects, and prioritise solutions based on known variables.

Wind farm energy production

Wind is Australia's largest renewable power source (currently), and MA is highly experienced in capturing and assessing wind farms during construction and for routine audits. We deliver detailed dilapidation reports on wind turbines, including blade condition, hub condition, and the nacelle cover housing that houses all the generating components.

All dilapidation reports include thermal reporting with radiometric thermography, and all services translate equally to other facilities and engineered structures.

Solar power plants
Wind turbine management is a specialty of Measure Australia
Solar panel condition audit with thermal imaging

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