At Measure Australia we look to the horizon.

Not just because we're pilots and coworkers of pilots! Our future is founded on empowering people and teams to unleash their potential. We have goals and we take on the ideas of the team, with a freedom to grow, try and excel. 

Are you interested in what’s next? We’re looking for people who believe that we can accomplish great things, together. 

Positions Vacant!

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    Drone Pilots
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    Business Development
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    Developers & technicians

LiDAR & Geospatial Technician

MA is a leading provider of LiDAR laser surveying in Australia.

Drone pilots

MA operates the largest drone pilot network in the country and is always seeking new additions to the team. We are seeking contract pilots and LiDAR pilots

Pilots sought in all areas 

Maintenance officers

Managing hardware for MA's pilot network requires dedicated maintenance officers. The role involves working with MA equipment to keep it ready to deploy into the field. This includes drones, batteries, iPads, thermal cameras, LiDAR unit (Riegl Mini-VUX LiDAR or the Phoenix Aerial AL3-32E). Drone experience is necessary.

Roles available in North Sydney NSW


Business development guns

True new business development professionals with experience and networks in construction, mining, property and facilities management, utilities, renewables - it's a wide field! 
Sought in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Brisbane


Developers, spatial technicians & passionate folks of all stripes

Don't fit the active recruitment categories above, but you have a passion for data capture, emerging technology and big data? Let us know about your passion and ideas, and we'll see what happens! 

MA philosophy

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    Providing our customers with the highest value
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    Working energetically and with optimism
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    Helping customers Grow and productivise data
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    Enabling owners to make better business decisions