Property Portfolio Drone Solutions

A new approach that provides more insightful results and full context, at lower cost, while eliminating safety risk.

Note: this page is about property management - see our real estate business unit here

Property condition management is an integral part of asset portfolio management, performance optimisation, and value creation.

It is also very time-consuming – however, modern technologies provide a more efficient way to do the same job more economically. Really, to do a better job more economically!

Traditional property portfolio management

Traditionally, property inspections have been undertaken manually by people with experience and training (but no qualifications). This includes:

  • Structural integrity; evaluating rooves, gutters, windows, and building facades.
    • Attending site and climbing to the roof
    • Using elevated works platforms (EWPs) or even ladders to assess window calking, gutters and building materials
    • Abseiling high-rise walls to find concrete cancer and other building corrosion
    • Taking photographs of issues
  • Height safety requirements; to even evaluate structural integrity you require appropriate and compliant height safety infrastructure on buildings
    • Attending site and finding height safety anchors etc
    • Using EWPs, abseiling, ladders (etc) to visually assess
    • Take photograph of the compliant/non-compliant instances


The traditional method outlined above is problematic for many reasons:


It takes time to coordinate the right team of people to be available for access and to physically undertake the evaluations. For example, each face of a mid-sized office building will take a day for two abseilers to evaluate in full – and their support team will be in attendance.


In addition to the cost of the people attending site, heavy equipment will either be deployed or rented. EWPs and scaffolding are obvious examples.


There’s a fundamental and unavoidable risk to work at heights, and it is the responsibility of all workplaces to avoid this wherever possible. Safe Work Australia explicitly states that “The most effective way to protect workers from the risk of falling is to eliminate the need to work at heights.”

Context & clarity

Traditional evaluations include photographs of issues – generally taken from a maximum of 500mm. A close photograph of concrete cancer, rust, height anchor points, etc, is simply unhelpful in demonstrating the context, closeness to other fixtures, vegetation that may be impacting, and so on.


Modern property portfolio management

Modern technologies and Measure Australia eliminate every one of these downsides. MA has an extensive drone pilot network, across the country, making us cost-effectively local to virtually all work sites. With the imagery they capture, we prepare condition reports (which can be professionally certified if required), with an enduring and easily accessible output that has full site-wide context. Our solution makes it as simple as swiping to review the current status versus some prior period.


Property inspections with MA include:

  • Structural integrity; evaluating rooves, gutters, windows, and building facades.
    • Drone pilot collects high-resolution imagery that is stitched to a 3D model digital twin
    • MA provides a condition report within the digital twin
    • The condition report can be engineer certified if required
  • Height safety requirements; to even evaluate structural integrity you require appropriate and compliant height safety infrastructure on buildings
    • Using the same imagery captured above
    • MA provides a condition report of height safety infrastructure
    • Conditions can be certified by height safety professionals
  • Thermal imaging assessment; this has been impractical to do with traditional means
    • Capture thermal sensor imagery via drone
    • Provide a report of where energy is leaking from the building
    • Provide a report of micro-leaks that are impossible to pick up visually
    • Provide a report on solar panel condition (many buildings now have solar panels installed)


The above is delivered:

In a timely manner

A single drone pilot visit to capture imagery and thermal data

Cost efficiently

Our national pilot network and centralised analysts are substantially more economical than site visits.

Eliminating safety issues

Evaluation is enabled remotely and absolutely eliminates the risk of heights.

With full context and clarity

MA’s output provides very high-resolution visuals of the full site, and enables sliding between different time periods to consider change over time.


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