Beyond Visual Line of Sight - BVLOS

Long-distance inspections have always been an important part of the resources, environmental, and agriculture sectors.

The ability to stretch beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) enables you to inspect your property and manage your assets and resources much more effectively. Until very recently, BVLOS inspections were completely reliant on manned aircraft.

With Measure Australia, unmanned aerial system (UAS) inspections are now possible across vast areas, with advanced drone technology being both less expensive and more accurate. MA is one of the only companies authorised by CASA for BVLOS drone operations in Australia - talk to us. 

BVLOS advantage

BVLOS or Beyond Visual Line of Sight refers to drone data capture across areas so large, that the drone is outside the view of the pilot. 

MA is one of the only Australian drone data capture organisations authorised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA for BVLOS operations. 

Ideal for vast distances

Large-format BVLOS inspections have the potential to change business models around the world. While manned aircraft inspections are effective and used extensively, drones can simply do the job safer, better, faster and cheaper. There are lots of factors driving growth in this sector, including reduced costs, enhanced safety standards, improved accuracy, and faster time-to-value.

BVLOS in the field
LiDAR, thermal and other sensors BVLOS
BVLOS drone operations with Measure Australia
Agricultural drone data capture is a cost effective survey and monitoring alternative
LiDAR and thermal imaging of remote high voltage powerlines is vital to avoiding bush fires

Unmanned applications

Any industry that uses manned aircraft or ground crews to inspect beyond their line of sight can benefit from drone-based inspections. Private and public sector organisations around the world are already taking advantage of this technology, with resources, agriculture, and environmental mapping being the obvious examples.

Unmanned applications

BVLOS enables more data to be captured with fewer flights, for even greater saving relative to traditional manned flights. The captured data is also far higher resolution output, for applications as diverse as crop monitoring, infrastructure management and mineral exploration. 

Explore in arduous and hazardous locations
BVLOS drone operations in Australia
BVLOS drone operations to avoid people entering hazardous areas

Civil Aviation Safety Authority, CASA

Our company has a strong relationship with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and our Chief Pilot is dedicated to a number of client-specific drone program risk management services. In addition, Measure Australia also has access to software and operational expertise, which we allow clients to leverage for their own benefit through our monthly management and advisory program.

If you’re looking for help navigating the exciting world of commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS), please contact our friendly support team.

MA is one of the only companies authorised for BVLOS operations in Australia. 

Compliance & CASA
BVLOS with MA, CASA certified for BVLOS

JARUS & SORA confidence

Measure Australia’s understanding of the Joint Authorities for Rule-making on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) framework is in-depth and predicated on extensive operational experience.

Using SORA for BVLOS

If your organisation has complex needs for BVLOS, including how to apply SORA for area approvals and similar operational approvals, but doesn’t know where to start, Measure Australia’s BVLOS SORA advice will enable you to deliver your complex needs the first time, every time.

Measure Australia is CASA certified for BVLOS

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