Drone Aerial Mapping & Land Surveying

Also known as photo mapping or drone surveying, our leading service combines cutting-edge drone technology with advanced software mapping capabilities and reliable information delivery

Along with access to the latest drone hardware, we employ advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to assist our specialists to make sense of everything we capture. We provide an intelligent output portal for all data, with our experienced team translating all results based on your specific needs.

At Measure Australia, our unmanned aerial systems (UAS) provide accurate imagery in multiple formats whenever you need to understand the lay of the land. From asset inspection and change detection through to cut and fill volume calculations, we can inspect your most valuable assets and provide you with key insights from above.

Orthographic mapping

Orthophotos are captured through aerial photography before being geometrically corrected or ‘ortho-rectified’ to a uniform scale. Our service produces digital orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics from raw aerial survey images. The end result provides a precise reference with the same utility value as a map.

Orthomosaic analysis

Orthophotos are also referred to as orthomosaics, orthoimages and orthophotographs. With orthorectification, which adjusts for topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt, orthophotos can be used to accurately measure distance. This makes orthophotos incredibly useful in allowing surveyors to work without entering the field.

Orthomosaics typically cover large areas and are created by stitching thousands or tens of thousands of images together. Image capture and processing is therefore extremely important and should be managed by experienced professionals.

Construction & urban planning
Agriculture & land management
Property management
Orthomosaics with Measure Australia
Construction and urban planningassisted by orthomosaics
Agricultural orthomosaics for agriculture optimisations
Orthomosaics for property management


Photogrammetry is used to determine the underlying geometric principles of landforms and objects through photographic imagery. By taking two or more photos in different positions, we can obtain accurate 3D coordinates through precise triangulation. This service provides the accuracy of GPS control with the power of aerial photography. 

MA has extensive experience capturing photogrammetric data and delivering it in easy to use reports with calculations and recommendations. 

Photogrammetric model

Data capture for photogrammetry requires careful planning and multiple passes to efficiently deliver overlapping images, as positions cannot be triangulated without multiple reference points. MA's Chief Pilot and operations team plan flight lines to deliver a robust and efficient photogrammetric result, with our data platform and specialists utilising the imagery to enable accurate calculation of underlying geometry. 

Photogrammetry can be used to create 2D scale drawings, 3D terrain models, 3D models with photographic features and contours. 

Stockpile management
Photogrammetry with Measure Australia data capture and processing
Stockpile management through photogrammetry with Measure Australia

3D modelling

Advanced 3D models are a great way to visualize property and other assets. While useful, oblique images from drones often need to be rendered into useful 3D content. Along with our 3D mapping services, advanced modelling software allows us to create realistic 3D models and inspiring fly-through videos.

3D Modelling

3D modelling is incredibly helpful for planning and understanding real-world environments, and forms the foundation for digital twins.  The quality of 3D models is predicated on the quality of original data capture and the proficiency of the data processing. 

Measure Australia operates the largest network of drone pilots nationally, all RePL qualified, and maintains the latest in capture technology and data processing platforms.  MA exclusively shares client data via Asseti, which is an intelligent AI/ML powered platform that assists our experienced analysts to deliver the highest quality models and reports. Measure Australia provides managed drone data solutions to industries across the country. Our leading nationwide service provides accurate mapping, intelligent presentation, and practical analysis from above.

3D Modelling with Measure Australia

Survey method tool

MA has built a tool to help you decide the most efficient method for your next survey. Enter details on your required output and conditions in the survey area, and MA will deliver a recommendation on ideal survey method plus a bespoke survey capture report based on your answers. 

Try this free tool to discover the best capture method for your next survey.

Best survey method tool

What method for your next survey?

Only a surveyor can provide professional certification. But the data that surveyors work from can be captured in many ways. 

Terrestrial or field survey teams, capture via drones, manned flight, and satellites all deliver survey data - what method best suits your conditions and requirements? 

Customised report for your requirements
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