Night Inspections Using Artificial Lighting

by Measure Australia

As part of Measure Australia’s technological leadership, a focus is placed on ground breaking and industry leading technologies that alleviate client pain points and concerns. A key issue Measure Australia’s clients repeatedly currently experience is the ability to inspect critical infrastructure in urban environments, without shutting the infrastructure during key periods of usage. Due to this, Measure Australia has been working extensively on an artificial lighting system for high risk and dense urban inspections. 

Measure Australia’s ground breaking lighting setup produces either 60,000 lumens to 100,000 lumens of surface light depending on the setup and craft utilised. In comparison, daylight is approx 110,000 lumens when measured on the surface.

Contact the Measure Australia team if you would like to talk further about how artificial lighting inspections can aid your infrastructure management.

MA-Night operations, high powered lighting comparison

Figure: example 60,000 lumens setup demonstrating standard night conditions and conditions under artificial lighting