Real Estate Drone Solutions

Real estate is a competitive market, help your clients by giving them the best possible imagery.

Using drones can have numerous advantages over other methods of capturing images for Real Estate.

One is their lower cost compared to planes or helicopters. Drones can also improve the quality of films and photos. Measure Australia can provide images up to 50 megapixels, panoramas in 800+ megapixels and videos in 4K resolution. First impressions count, which means that low-quality pictures can reduce the interest and therefore potential buyers. This happens regardless of the character of the real estate.

Drones can take shots from very close, or very far which means you only need one supplier to provide both aerial imagery and outdoor shots. The photos and videos that can be taken at unique angles allow for an exclusive viewing angle of the venue; which can be used as an additional sell point.

Measure Australia captures footage at a greater height than a crane but lower than a helicopter. This height is essential for larger scale property where showing the enormity of the grounds is critical, or for proximity shots where you can highlight the unique facilities surrounding the property. Measure Australia captures footage that would otherwise not be available, because of the remoteness of the locations for some real estate option. Measure Australia has over 160 pilots nationally and we understand the urgency and quality that is expected in delivering real estate assets.