Who is Measure Australia

by Measure Australia

Measure Australia is an Australian company and employs pilots nationally. Measure Australia has increased safety for a large number of companies they work with. The data we provide is captured using drones which decreases high-risk rope access work, consequently reducing the risks for people who would typically have to put their lives at risk to scale buildings and great heights to assess the structural integrity.

Measure Australia primarily captures data from the air, using fixed-wing and rotary drones to get access to hard to reach areas in a safer, quicker, and cheaper way than conventional means.
We collect data for our customers, analyse it and provide a report that can be understood by a layperson. We achieve this by using cutting-edge tools and equipment.

Measure Australia often consults with suppliers of natural resources to inspect their infrastructures, such as wind turbine blades and solar panels, to help maximise their efficiency and minimise the impact on the local community.

Measure Australia also works with local councils on their infrastructure, by operating safely and efficiently, creating substantial savings for councils, allowing taxpayers to see a better allocation of funds to where they need it. Some of the councils include Canterbury Bankstown Council, Blacktown Council, Shoalhaven Council, Sutherland Council, as well as others.

We have a disciplined work ethic and professional manner, completing projects to the highest standard in even the most difficult situations without compromising safety. Value a client can see is highlighted in everything we produce from the detailed proposal to the delivery of exactly what the client required on time and at a competitive rate.